Logika żydowska i jej specyfika

Słowa kluczowe: judaism, logic, identity, ethics, law, biblical hermeneutics


The Jewish  logic is a topic developed by thinkers dealing with Jewish identity. Their main thesis is, that the essence of jewishness is not religion, race, nationality, but their logic. The logic resides deeply in the subconscious of each Jew, its specificity express in form of psychological associations and logical coherence. Its characteristic is the connection with ethics, was developped not "for itself" but "for ethics" and was used for formulate commandments. The logic has its own history and continuity. Some small modifications appeared in Jewish religious currents and in Jewish mentality in diverse times and diverse regions. The Jewish logic is based on the Torah and on hermeneutic rules of the Torah. Great stages for the history of logic was the greek translation of the Torah and the rise of Christianity. Furter important stages were the logic of Mishnah and Talmud, logic of Maimonides, rules of Haskala and introduction of the the New-Hebrew language. Logic caused the integration of the Jews, unanimity of thinking, nation survival, affected the psyche and influenced proceedings individual and social of the Jews.