Gnostyczny ekskluzywizm w literaturze polskiej – przypadek Juliusza Słowackiego

Słowa kluczowe: spirituality, gnostic exclusivity, esotericism, theosophy, Juliusz Słowacki


Characterizing the phenomenon of religious, spiritual, gnostic exclusivity, Stanisława Hausnerowa recognized that it is a manifestation of a centuries-old tradition of seeking esoteric knowledge that comprehensively describes the nature of reality. Referring to the research of Antoine Faivre, it can be assumed that this type of perception of spirituality represents theosophical esotericism. Wanting to justify her thoughts, the Polish theosophist sought spiritual support, among others in the works of Juliusz Słowacki (1809–1849). Therefore, the aim of these considerations will be to discuss several literary attempts to explicate the spiritual reality that function in the artistic output of the cited romantic poet and to seek to verify their esoteric, gnostic character.