Pytanie o status chrześcijaństwa dziś – sekularyzacja jako pluralizacja


Słowa kluczowe:

postmetaphysical philosophy, Christianity, philosophy of religion, pluralism, contemporary philosophy


The text sets out from the proposition that if Christianity still aspires to be present in contemporary culture and society, it has to change fundamentally; it has to abandon its claims to being “the only one” and to universal truthfulness. However, this immediately begs the question whether such a change is even possible. Can Christianity, while still remaining Christianity, can satisfy the demand of pluralism? Thus, on the one hand, the paper aims to interpret secularization as pluralization (drawing on the philosophy of Gianni Vattimo, for instance). On the other hand, it attempts to reflect on the fundamental premises of the Christian religion and, therefore, ask about the possible existence of a pluralistic religion (through reference to the writings of Leszek Kołakowski).