The semantics and etymology of Proto-Slavic lexemes of sacredness and their continuation in Polish folk rituals


Słowa kluczowe:

Proto-Slavs, etymology, Slavic mythology, Scythian mythology, folklore


The article deals with some aspects of the problem of the participation of Iranian peoples in the process of formation of the Proto-Slavic cultural and linguistic community, which has been discussed for many years. By taking as a basis the methodology of semiotic study of language and culture in its diachronic aspects, an attempt was made to reconstruct the cultur[1]al contexts in which Proto-Slavic tradition incorporated, in the form of the words *bogъ and *svętъ – elements of Scythian mythology. By juxtaposing historical, linguistic, and ethnographic materials, a corpus of several motifs (“mythologemes”) was reconstructed, which could have accompanied the processes of the so-called “Iranian inversion”, which are very well known for Slavic philology, but less for anthropological and mythological reconstructions.