Quest (re) modeled: The Questionnaire of Religious Insight a new tool for analyzing religious insights, and its empirical verification


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QRI, tool, spiritual seeking, religious orientations, validation


The Questionnaire of Religious Insights (QRI) presented in this paper was constructed to challenge the current model of religious orientations, especially the Quest Scale, by providing insight into different kinds of motivation that can influence spiritual seeking. The QRI contains two scales: Doubt (D) and Quest (Q). Validation of the internal reliability of the QRI and external criteria analysis was examined within an exploratory study conducted in a group recruited under a research grant. The second was conducted on a group of 117 young Polish adults. The study pro[1]vided evidence for the internal reliability of QRI and its criterion validity using Religious Orienta[1]tion Scales. The results of the second study suggest that most of the external validity criteria have been met. In conclusion, the proposed model of exploring motivation factors that may influence religious questing is a topic worth pursuing. We present studies that can follow this exploratory study that can be undertaken on more extensive and diverse age samples.