Religijność globalnej młodzieży – nowe trajektorie i konteksty tożsamości



Słowa kluczowe:

youth religiosity, youth, identity, secularization, new religiosity


The text aims to reconstruct and reveal key results in the religious mechanisms of young people. However, the global dimension presented here allows us to discuss the problem in a wide range of generational and identity definitions defined today in many examples of specific particularism characteristic not only of the young generation, but also of many other social groups. The research problem arising from the discussion of aspects of identity is the disciplinary application to obtain specific data regarding, for example, the nature of Western secularization. The thesis of global secularization appears in the light coming not only from Western countries, but also from many other emerging regions of the world, that it is strongly overestimated. Thus, one can gain access to the system and possibly increased spiritual realms in a technological society. used for anthropological analysis, which is new global religiosity takes on and is more culturally complex than answers to existential questions.