Język religijny jako materialny artefakt. Podejście kognitywno-semiotyczne




Słowa kluczowe:

religious language, cognition, materiality, scripture


The topic of this article is the issue of the material dimension of religious language. This problem is often disregarded in research on religious language even though the use of language as a material object is significant in many religions. The functioning of religious language as a material object refers to all ways of using it that focus on the physical form of signs, such as speech sounds or writing. In my presentation, I will specifically discuss the cognitive functions of material substrates in religious language and argue that these substrates make up a larger cognitive system, including not only the mind but also material objects. Referring to the concept of extended cognition, I will argue that material symbols used in religious language can be considered external tools that enhance the capabilities of the cognitive system and enable new ways of processing and spreading religious ideas.