Religijność młodzieży w Europie – perspektywa socjologiczna. Kontynuacje


Słowa kluczowe:

religiosity, religion, secularization, desecularization


The changes taking place in our times in the religious sphere can be simply presented as occurring between secularization and desecularization. The former trend is especially visible in Western Europe, where it is characteristically and clearly making its presence felt, thus becoming a specific emblem on the religious map of the world. The latter tendency also appears in the Old Continent, but on a much smaller scale and with limited impact. In this article religiousness among young people in chosen European countries will be demonstrated, as well as an attempt will be made to answer the question whether and to what extent the religious changes occur in these societies. Furthermore, there will be an attempt made to define whether they form part of either the secularizational or desecularizational trends. The data of the European Social Survey from Round 1 (2002) and Round 2 (2016) will provide the basis for the analyses, which will make it possible to show the appearing religious changes and the directions of their transformations in the course of almost one and a half decade.